Sunday, 27 October 2013


Charles Trippy has started his cimo therapy.

Charles Trippy was diagnosed with stage 3 Oligodendrogliomas, brain cancer. He went to surgery that he had the doctors film and then he posted it on YouTube!

The reason why he posted this on YouTube is because he says it's for educational purposes and also he thinks YouTube is a sharing community and he wanted to share this with others that are going through the same.

During the surgery Charles was awake and many people have been wondering why. The reason why he was awake is because of the location of the tumor, the doctors were operating really close to the part of his brain where his motor skills are and the doctors wanted to make sure he could still move the left side of his body.

The doctors only got about 95% of the tumor and now he has to go to cimo therapy to make sure it never grows back.

He will be vlogging about the experience and telling everyone how he is doing, some may think it is not right since most of the subscribers are on his channel for smiles not tears but since they have shared everything else they wanted to share this with YouTube as well.


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