Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Have you heard that some of the UK gurus and Joey went to a One Direction This is us movie premier? 

Well if you haven't you probably live under a rock! it was all over twitter, everybody was tweeting it. And it was not enough to tweet it once, no the gurus tweeted it loads of time making us so jealous! 

Zoey even got to interview them! A few months ago she was asked to interview them and she held it a secret all this time! I'm so jealous of her!

They all put on their fancy clothes and went on to meet one direction, have I mentioned how jealous I am ?

Also this was the first public outing for Zoey and Alfie after they confirmed their relationship, it was about time they did it. 

Everybody knew but there was always this little question mark since they did never confirmed anything, well now they have FINALLY !

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Alani, Ellie and Blake

The 36 year old Kandee Johnson has 4 children, Jordan, Alani, Blake and little miss cupcake Elyse. We have seen Jordan and Elyse loads of times in her video but the weird thing is that we have never seen Alani and Blake!

In her video "Best Berry Fruit Salad with Orange Vanilla Sauce Recipe" on her Kandeeland channel she was making a fruit salad with her 3 youngest kids, Alani Blake and Ellie. 17 year old Jordan is probably too cool for that :p

As always Alani and Blake faces were hidden and to hide their faces she had them wear a mask!! what is she trying to pull a Michael Jackson ??

Well Kandee has 4 kids with 3 different daddies, Alani and Blake are the only one who have the same dad. Their dad requested before his and Kandees custody judge that Kandee would not show up close pictures or their faces anywhere.

Since Kandee became so famous he didn't want his children faces to be all over the internet for their own protection. He was afraid that someone would come to there school and take them away.

Apparently some other youtubers have had some crazy people at their kids school.

Well I get their dad not wanting his kids faces all over the internet but this is just weird!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is Tanya Still Doing Fleurs Wedding Make-Up?

YES Tanya Burr is still doing Fleurs wedding make-up!

In Fleurs vlog "Wedding dress shopping in LA" she says that she is suppose to go meet up with Tanya and Jim to do a wedding make-up trial.

She ended up dining alone though because Tanya and Jim were apparently busy shooting some videos.

A lie that they made up to avoid meeting Fleur ? 

Moments after Fleur told Tanya about the engagement

Did you know that back when Mike and Fleur got engaged Tanya and Jim were one of the first persons they told! Time sure have changed now that they aren't even that good of a friends.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


So it has been two months since Ingrid and Luke broke up after he cheated on her, bastard! But has Ingrid already found a new man?

The rumor is that Ingrid is now dating Christofer Erwin the head of Big Frame (Youtube company). They have been seen together all week. If you watch vlogs from vidcon you can see how they look at each other, they are definitely dating!

I'm very happy to find out that Ingrid is getting over Luke, I mean she loved him and he cheated on her.

I even think that Ingrid and Lukes relationship wasn't good for them. After they broke up Ingrid has started to present herself nicely, in a perfect outfit, her hair is always perfect and just over all always looks beautiful.

At the end of their relationship she started to not take care of herself, her hair was always greasy and she didn't even but makeup on most of the time. That is just not the Ingrid we know.

Luke is even doing good after they broke up. After he stopped trying to get Ingrid back with pathetic tweets he has now started to work out and looks good.

Christopher is the one to the left, handsome!