Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Louise Twin Is Not Zoey

So Louise Sprinkleofglitter did a "My youtube family" tag with Grace Helbig. In this tag you are suppose to pick a few youtubers to be a role in your family.

One of the roles is "twin" so who would you want to be your twin. Everyone thought that this would be a no brainer, of course she would pick her best friend Zoey but the shocker is she didn't!! Is she still being jealous?

Louise picked Marie bitsandclips to be her twin, she explains why and has a good point. They both have a baby the same age, husband the same age, watch the same things and even when they were kids they had the same named imaginary friend. She even says that she thinks Marie is her "sister from another mister"

Well even though it is a bit sad that she didn't pick Zoey for her twin she pointed out that she didn't pick Zoey for any role because she would have picked her for all the female roles.

They are still the bestest friend, thank god!

Best friends

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