Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Is Tati getting married again ?!

In Fleurs new vlog Tati glamlifeguru is looking for a wedding dress and apparently found one perfect, not the typical Tati dress but perfect none the less.

But the question that people are asking is didn't Tati already pick a wedding dress in the TV show Brides of Beverly Hills in 2012?

So shouldn't she be married about now, not be looking for a wedding dress?

No she did not get married in 2012 so she did not get a divorce and is not getting married again. Complicated I know. In the show she found a dress but she didn't commit to any dress, she liked it but not enough I guess.

The dress that she found was 6K but i think she didn't like it as much as the first dress that was 18K and was still looking for that perfect fairytale dress for a good prize, you know our Tati is always looking  for a bargain.

Tati and James are still engaged and are just taking things slow, they want their wedding to be perfect so they are not rushing anything.

 "If you want your wedding to be perfect you need a good year to plan it"


  1. nice post http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/korea-style-week.html

  2. I'm super confused…hope you can ans…this post is from Aug 2013 but i found a youtube video from Aug 2012 where they do get married….although James totally does not look like james lol

    1. That is not Tati. They sure do look alike but it's a different person ;)

    2. 2nd..not Tati. But there is quite a resemblance!