Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Louise Jealous

So I have been watching some vlogs from Vidcon and i can't seem to unnotice that Louise is not herself. The reason why I think that she is not herself is because Louise is always so happy and always with a smile on her face! She just seems a bit sad.

Maybe she is just a really jealous type and can't stand that now that Zoey and Alfie are dating she doesn't have Zoey all to herself. 

In Tanya Burrs new vlog she explains that she is just missing her family and ofcource baby glitter, who isn't missing baby glitter? She also says that this trip is a bit overwhelming.

She did say in one of her older videos that she can't stand to be away from home and apparently gets really homesick, even the day before she is going on a trip she starts to feel homesick.

Looks like she has been crying in Tanya Burrs vlog

But am I the only one who thinks it's weird that Zoey is sharing a room with Louise and not with Alfie ?


  1. Louise isn't jealous whatsoever. She's missing Darcy. Also, the reason why Zoe and Louise are sharing a room is because they're best friends and since recently, no one knew Zoe and Alfie were going out so to give away they were sharing a room would be a massive give away which they didn't want.

    1. Very true, I wish people would get their facts straight before posting.

  2. This blog likes to stir shit up.