Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Have you heard that some of the UK gurus and Joey went to a One Direction This is us movie premier? 

Well if you haven't you probably live under a rock! it was all over twitter, everybody was tweeting it. And it was not enough to tweet it once, no the gurus tweeted it loads of time making us so jealous! 

Zoey even got to interview them! A few months ago she was asked to interview them and she held it a secret all this time! I'm so jealous of her!

They all put on their fancy clothes and went on to meet one direction, have I mentioned how jealous I am ?

Also this was the first public outing for Zoey and Alfie after they confirmed their relationship, it was about time they did it. 

Everybody knew but there was always this little question mark since they did never confirmed anything, well now they have FINALLY !

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