Sunday, 1 September 2013


Last night I was just scrolling down on YouTube, catching up with all the new videos like I do every night when I saw a video from the shaytards named "Baby boy is having a surgery" and the thumbnail was off shay holding rocktard in his arm in a hospital gown.

My heart stopped for a little bit but thank god rocktard is okay!

The little boy had to go to teeth surgery because he had 6 cavities and the dentist thought that because he is so young he had to put him under.

But wow 6 cavities that is a lot! and there is some mixed feelings about this in the comments.

Some are saying that they have to many children and can't take care of them all so he isn't brushing his teeth good enough while others are just saying that this happens even though you brush your teeth twice a day.

Poor Rocktard

 What do you think ?

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  1. My opinion is that I think it is his parent's fault for not getting his teeth brushed.