Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Scandal in the life of Trisha Paytas!!

Trisha Paytas claims to be a very Christian girl but recently multiple X-rated pictures of her have entered the internet!

Yes Trisha took a scandalous pictures of herself and somehow they ended up on the internet.

If you want to see the most scandalous pictures Click Here

For a girl that claims she is so Christian how can she take those slutty photos of herself?

Is she really that Christian as she claims? I mean when you look at her you don't see a bit of Christianity in her. Fake tan, fake nails, fake boobs?

She also claimed that she was celibate but thedirty.com say that she is sleeping with older man so they pay for her wants and needs.

She also posted this hidden YouTube video on how to eat a banana. Is she trying to be sexy? because I just think she looks stupid and you can also read in the comments that both girls and boys are hating on her for that video. I mean who would do that, it's just stupid and NOT very Christian!


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  2. you are an idiot. she's amazing its all an act for entertainment

  3. Lol she still is good just tone fun

  4. Are you kidding me now?