Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Luke Conard new album Summer Love

Congratulations to Luke Conard on his first album, a 30 year old man who still acts like he is in his 20s.

His album "Summer Love" came out yesterday on September 2,  you can buy it on iTunes right now! I definitely did!

So I have been listening to the album and the only thing I can think about when I listen to the songs is how amateur the lyrics are, well it is expected it is only his first album but it is just awkward sometimes.

Good songs but better luck next time on the lyrics Luke!

Even though the album name is summer love and Luke and Ingrid dated for a year It is rumored that some of the songs are about Ingrid missglamorzzi.

"Someone who loves" is definitely a diss towards poor Ingrid missglamorazzi.

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