Wednesday, 4 September 2013


On February 24th 2012 Charles Trippy announced in his vlog that he had gotten a seizure and was in the hospital for a checkup. He later announced in that same vlog that he had a brain tumor, the doctor said it wasn't a aggressive tumor but he had to go to surgery and take it out.

All went good and now a more than a year later Charles has had another seizure! Is the tumor back, I don't know but this is pretty serious!

Charles usually doesn't drink coffee, last time this happened he was drinking coffee after a long break of not drinking any coffee and also when this happened he was also drinking coffee after a long break of not drinking it. Maybe he should just lay of the coffee drinking!

marijuana bag that was seen in his vlog

Charles has been touring with his band We The King this summer and found himself in a bit of a scandal when he accidentally showed of a marijuana bag in his vlog. Charles came out with a statement saying that it wasn't their bag but some other bands. But if you have been watching his vlog while he was on tour, you can defiantly see that the band members are stoned a lot!

Maybe he got a seizure because of the coffee, maybe because of the marijuana and maybe the tumor is back, well we will know soon enough in ctfxc vlog.


  1. This post is really interesting- I love it!

    LittleMissFashion xx

  2. Marijuana has actually been proven to slow the development and growth of cancer cells. You never know if he was protecting himself or other band mates. If he smokes, hey, can we really judge? Who am I to judge someone I barely even know in reality. None of us are able to. And good for him if he is open to being around different environments. Its people like that, who aren’t afraid of it, that will help it be legalized nationally.