Monday, 16 September 2013


In February 2012 Charles announced that he had a tumor and had to go to surgery.

 In the beginning of the month Charles had a seizure and has to go to another surgery. 

Shay Carl flew all the way to Boston to be there for his friend, he is so nice

Why? don't panic! The thing is when Charles went to the surgery in 2012 the doctors left a tiny bit of the tumor left that they thought would not have any problems. They rather wanted to leave it behind than take a chunk of his brain out that could coz a damage to his body.

Turns out that this little tumor is the reason that he had that seizure and if the doctors don't take it out they are afraid that there are many seizures to come. So they have to take it out and that is why he has to go to another surgery.

He went to Boston on Sunday and started preparation on Monday then tomorrow the 17th he is getting his surgery.

He will be awake during the surgery and guess what!? Charles recently tweeted that he has gotten the approval from the doctors to film a little bit of the surgery! 

It will be so cool and Charles will defiantly be the first vlogger to film a brain surgery!

Good look!!

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