Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tyler Oakley Is NOT Zoellas Boyfriend!

Zoella or Zoey finally did the boyfriend tag but guess what she did it with Tyler Oakley!! 

I was so happy  that finally she was going to announce her relationship with Alfie to the world but nooo she had to do the tag with Tyler. He's not even that fun!

Well if you have watched the video you know it was hilarious I mean I was laughing the whole time I watched it but at the same time I was so sad that Tyler was there and not Alfie.

Why didn't she do it with Alfie ? they have been dating for a while now. Is their relationship maybe not that good, are they thinking about breaking up?

Who knows but that video Sucked just because Alfie wasn't there!
They are the cutest couple
Zoey and Alfie