Friday, 6 December 2013


 chanel 2.55
Fleur de force made a new tag video that is called "Closet Confidential" and one of the question is What is the most expensive item? meaning what is the most expensive item in your closet.

Her most expensive item was her Chanel 2.55 bag that Mike de force bought her for her birthday nearly two years ago.

She is ashamed of telling us how much money Mike de force spent on that bag and says  "I absolutely love it but at the time I was very very angry at him for buying it for me, I'm not going to say how much these bags are because in my opinion they are too much money but you can google it and find out"

Well curious me went and googled it and I nearly lost my face when I saw it!

This particular Chanel 2.55 bag cost about $4500! Talk about being spoiled, which is sweet, I think Mike is adorable but that's a load of money!

The bag is so beautiful though I want it so bad, future husband please?
chanel 2.55

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