Thursday, 23 January 2014


I have been asked about the Ray William Johnson quitting Equals three show and I have to say I'm not the biggest Ray William Johnson fan so I had no idea but I did a little investigation and Yes it is true he is quitting Equals three.

He announced it first on twitter late last year that sometime in 2014 he would be retiring from Equals three. Then he did a podcast on January 5th explaining in more detail why he is retiring.

He just feels like it's time, he feels burned out and needs to move on. He feels like he has outgrown the show, that they are a bit immature. Yeah well he is 32 years old.

He doesn't enjoy it anymore "it's not really a challenge it's kind of boring, cool way to connect with the fans and keep them happy but not fulfilling."

He doesn't want to do something that is just a paycheck for him but something that he likes.

So what will he be doing? Well he says that he is already developing a "ton of shit"

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