Sunday, 9 March 2014


I have been testing out the body shop skin primer for the past few weeks. 

I bought it because it is cheap and I love body shop products.  

From the body shop page:
  This primer for normal and oily skins creates a smooth base for foundation. It has been designed to deter shine and make make-up last longer.
  • Banishes shine
  • Helps make-up stay in place
  • Smoothes
Now I have a pretty clear skin, maybe one, two pimples here and there but after using this primer I broke out so bad. I got so many pimples on my chin. You know those pimples that you can feel, they hurt but they are under your skin so you can't do anything about it.

Now I wanted to be absolutely sure that this was because of this primer so I gave my skin a break for two weeks and when my skin had cleared up I started using it again. 

Same thing happened my skin started breaking out so bad. 

But that is not all. It says it's suppose to banish shine, it does not do that at all. Help make-up stay in place, no it does not do that either. I could not feel any difference if I was with the primer on or not. Smoothes, yes it does smooth

Over all it's the worst primer I have ever used so I dumped it in the trash.

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