Friday, 13 June 2014


It has been little over 2 months since one of our favorite YouTube couple Charles Trippy and Alli split up but Charles did not take a very long time to find a new woman in his life.

She does not want to be in the vlogs so Charles never shows her face in the vlogs. Which is totally understandable since she is getting destroyed on the internet by the CTxF fans. People are saying that she is the reason why Charles and Alli split up, that she is a gold digger and much more.

I feel sorry for the girl but the weird thing is though that she made a new Instagram page after becoming the famous girl who is sleeping with Charles Trippy. Only in two weeks she has gained over 72 thousand followers and she can post pictures of her face there.

Anyway her name is Allie Marie Wesenberg or Squiggles like Charles likes to call her in his vlogs. She is 27 years old and last year she was charged with DUI with blood alcohol .22.

so when will the next marriage proposal be?

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